Disaster Services

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When a disaster strikes wreaking havoc and causing damage to homes and businesses, it can also leave animal remains scattered by homes or elsewhere. There may be a large number of animal remains to be taken care, depending on the severity of the disaster. If your agency and other agencies in the area are overwhelmed with the number of animals to dispose of and are unable to take care of the disposal of animal remains, contact Sleepy Cat LLC. We work with many agencies to dispose of animal remains following a natural disaster or any other situation.

We are trained in how to properly, safely, and quickly dispose of animal remains. By taking all the proper precautions, we are able to prevent any health problems or further problems from occurring. Additional problems that may occur after a disaster leaves animal remains is the possibility of the remains attracting other small animals like rats or insects like maggots.

If your agency needs a solution for taking care of animal remains in the wake of a disaster, call Sleepy Cat. You have more important things to do in the midst of a disaster than taking care of animal remains. Sleepy Cat LLC specializes in taking care of animal remains. Another aspect of this is offering disaster services. We have the expertise for handling animal remains following a disaster. Part of this expertise is minimizing risk and additional problems from rotting animal remains. Contact Sleepy Cat for assistance with disaster services in disposing of animal remains.