Dispose of Contraband

Contraband is anything that has been imported or exported illegally – most often this is in reference to drugs, but can also include other things such as guns and illegal items. When a police force seizes a large amount of contraband and doesn’t have the ability to dispose of it due to time, resources, or other reasons, Sleep Cat LLC can help. Let us handle disposing of the contraband. Sleepy Cat works with many agencies to properly and safely dispose of any contraband that has been seized.


Contraband that is seized is generally stored by the police force until it is no longer needed as evidence. After this point, the contraband should be destroyed, however sometimes this contraband is accumulated until destruction of the contraband is arranged or until there is a substantial amount to be destroyed. This makes the evidence storage area a potential theft target if there is a large amount of contraband piling up.

It is crucial that seized contraband is properly disposed of to keep it out of the wrong hands. With our expertise, we know how to manage this waste in a way that minimizes the risk and liability from the contraband. We ensure it is secured and destroyed without letting it get into the public’s hands. We are willing to make arrangements with you to destroy drugs for police agencies. Contact Sleepy Cat if you need contraband properly disposed of.