About Us

I would like to introduce my wife Julie and myself Mike Graham. We are pretty simple people who love our pets. As pet owners ourselves, we are aware of the unique connection one can have with the pets in their lives. We want to celebrate those connections.

Sleepy Cat Trust, LLC

The dog you see pictured here was a very special dog to us and a part of our family. He was an Australian Shepard. His name is “Dan the Dog.”

He was special. As a part of the family he was constantly with us, never far away. He played with us, protected us, loved kids and life. In his later years he was never far away.

The last day of his life he wanted to go with me in the truck. He loved to travel. That was the first time he could not jump into the truck. I had to lift him up.

That evening I noticed he had become lethargic and was just quiet as lost in his own thoughts. As we prepared for bed he laid near the stairs not wanting to move. I sat on the floor for the longest time with his head in my lap. We talked about our lives together. The good and the bad. He was my friend. He died that night with his head in my lap. I look forward to seeing him again.

Why Sleepy Cat Trust, LLC?

Reduces Waste

With cremation, you can control what happens to your pet's remains and reduce waste and land usage.

Keep Costs Down

Cremation avoids expensive costs associated with funeral and visitation services and is an economical way to properly take care of a beloved pet’s remains.

Work Together

We collaborate with families, veterinarians and animals hospitals to ensure a smooth transition.

We Honor Your Wishes

We partner with families to protect and care for your pet's remains. We provide support to help you make informed decisions.