Pet Cremation

Pet cremation gives you the option to keep, scatter, or bury your pet's remains.

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Life Gem

Celebrate your pet's life and keep the connection with our one-of-a-kind Life Gem.

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Custom Urns

Contact us about our custom urns and choose between a variety of materials and designs.

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Cremation Services

We can cremate animals of any size and type. Contact us to learn more.

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Animal Cremation

In the past, the death of a beloved family pet usually meant burial in the backyard. This isn’t the best option for people who rent or those who live in an area where zoning would prevent burial. Pet cremation has grown in popularity as a way to honor a pet and it gives the owner the option to either scatter, store, or bury the ashes. Here at Sleepy Cat Trust LLC, we want to honor your pet and provide peace of mind that your pet’s remains will be taken care of properly.

About Us

The dog you see pictured here was a very special dog to us and a part of our family. He was an Australian Shepard. His name is “Dan the Dog.”

We’re pet people too. Here at Sleepy Cat Trust, we’ll walk you through the options that will best serve your pet’s memory.


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Certified Members

Why Sleepy Cat Trust, LLC?

Reduces Waste

With cremation, you can control what happens to your pet's remains and reduce waste and land usage.

Keep Costs Down

Cremation avoids expensive costs associated with funeral and visitation services and is an economical way to properly take care of a beloved pet’s remains.

Work Together

We collaborate with families, veterinarians and animals hospitals to ensure a smooth transition.

We Honor Your Wishes

We partner with families to protect and care for your pet's remains. We provide support to help you make informed decisions.